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Who are FSC1?


We are a risk management consultancy operating throughout the south east providing you with a unique range of services that ensures you will be complying with current UK Regulations. Area's where we may be able to assist you in are as follows;


FIRE: Under the current fire Order, employers or anyone having some degree of control over the premises, must, in addition to many other fire safety responsibilities, carry out a Fire Risk Assessment. Failure to carry this out could result in a fine, imprisonment, or both. Also it would very likely invalidate your building's insurance policy, leaving you to repair any damage caused. FSC1 can assess your workplace in order for you to conform to the current fire Order.


HEALTH & SAFETY: The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1999, states that the employer must assess all significant risks to their employees or to other persons. If there are more than five employees a record of the assessment must be kept. FSC1 can produce a comprehensive assessment of your workplace that will identify preventive or protective measures designed to control any risks.


CONSTRUCTION: To ensure that your company meets the CDM regulations, we can carry out an audit, as your competent 'third party'. We will provide an objective third party view of your company strengths and weaknesses in the CDM area. Our compliance audit takes part in two separate stages. The initial approach is to gather information; this is followed by a detailed evaluation which will be presented in a formal report.


FOOD; Good food hygiene awareness is crucial for any business offering food, including 'wet sales'. We can audit this important part of your workplace and evaluate your food handlers as well as the preparation, cooking and serving of food. Our comprehensive report will enable your to improve your knowledge and understanding of food safety, plus help you understand the reason behind the rules of food hygiene.