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Under the current fire Order, employers or anyone having some degree of control over the premises, must, in addition to many other fire safety responsibilities, carry out a Fire Risk Assessment. Failure to carry this out could result in a fine, imprisonment, or both. Also it would very likely invalidate your building's insurance policy, leaving you to repair any damage caused. FSC1 can assess your workplace in order for you to conform to the current fire Order.

Once on site, our fire risk assessor will make a thorough tour of your premises, evaluating the building condition and age, its layout and building contents to identify potential fire hazards, ignition sources and combustible materials and means of escape in the case of fire. The assessor will also note who works in the building and where, current fire safety signage, current protocols for fire prevention and management, current fire safety equipment, its condition and maintenance and existing fire safety training and drills.

Once completed, a copy of the Fire Risk Assessment will be handed over to you in a professional folder, plus sent electronically in PDF format for your files.

Who would be competent to carry out a fire risk assessment?


  • Assessments need to be carried out by a competent person, in more complex buildings, this may need to be a specialist, but in general terms the assessor should have suitable knowledge, training, experience and the relevant qualifications within this particular industry sector."
  • Benefits: We can bring the experience of the Workplace Fire Precautions, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 Inspection to your premises.


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