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The costs for an individual building will be calculated using an hourly rate and provision of associated costs for travel etc. The number of hours for each building will be determined by assessing the most time efficient method of undertaking the survey[s]. This is particularly the case for London based properties. If there are more than one survey to be completed on the day, we will propose to undertake these surveys of multiple properties in one trip. 


Unless requested otherwise, we will assume that our consultant will be able to work between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday at all properties and that, if required, a member of staff (preferably a the Apointed Person and/or Engineer) will be readily available to provide clarification on any points arising from the survey. Safe and ready access to all areas of the property will need to be made available.


Free Fire Log Book

A free Fire Log Book will be issued upon payment of a Fire Risk Assessment. No more than one Fire Log Book will be presented to any one client as part of this special offer. If a client purchases more than one Fire Risk Assessment (i.e. as part of a multi property estate) then if more Fire Log Books are required by the client then these additional items will be charged at the listed price listed in the section 'products for sale'.