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Fire & Safety

We develop fire safety solutions covering the entire spectrum of commercial and residential management. 

Health & Safety

We provide trained and qualified assessors and our experience and knowledge of current UK Regulations, means that you will never need to be concerned should the HSE visit your premises.  


At FSC1 we pride ourselves in taking a practical and proactive approach to helping you avoid these mistakes by ensuring you comply with the ‘Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015.

One Stop Solution Package

Our One Stop Solution package helps small businesses manage health and safety. There is a long list of things to think about and it all starts with a risk assessment and review.

Affordable Health and Safety Consultancy Services to help your business run like clockwork


FSC1 offer a reassuring source of knowledge, experience and services tailored to your business needs...


What makes us different? Optimised consultancy based on experience and expertise. Find out more about the principles that guide our work and the directors of FSC1 Limited. From risk planning, corporate control via policy implementation and the drafting of crisis management documents - we offer comprehensive and personalised support in every challenge your company may face.


Insurance companies assume when giving cover that all associated UK regulations have been complied with. Failure to risk assess your workplace properly may lead to one or more of the following taking place:


  • Failure to comply with insurance led investigation leading to possible increased annual insurance premiums
  • Workplace injuries leading to unlimited fines, which would be paid directly from the company's profit,
  • Individual fines and jail sentences,
  • Director disqualifications,
  • Publicity of prosecution, leading to loss of orders and damage to reputation.

For the latest publications or information on current UK Regulations visit:


Advice, guidance, news, templates, tools, legislation, publications from Great Britain's independent regulator for work-related health, safety and illness.


Fire safety law and guidance documents for business


The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health is a British organisation for health and safety professionals.