Also known as a Compartmentation Survey these types of Assessments, as detailed in Local Government guidance 'Fire Safety in Purpose Built Blocks of Flats and Residential Buildings (May 2011), comprises of a review of the fire compartmentation between units, the common areas, service risers and roof voids. 


Type 2 Fire Risk Assessments

A type 2 is similar to type 1 FRA in the sense that it only includes the common parts of the building. However, it involves an element of destructive sampling for which a contractor will normally be required. 


Type 4 Fire Risk Assessments

A type 4 FRAs, like Type 2, include a destructive assessment, however in this case of both the common parts of the building, and the flats. Type 4 FRAs are obviously more complicated than the other types of assessments.

Fire Training

Our training courses are run by our own trainers and certificates of attendance are awarded to all delegates. We offer a comprehensive range of courses including:


  • Fire Stopping and Compartmentation
  • Fire Extinguisher and Fire Awareness Training
  • Fire Warden or Marshal Training
  • Fire Risk Assessing for Consultants


The alarm was sounded in the UK in 2006, when a blaze tore through a six-storey housing development under construction in Colindale North London, burning the structure to the ground in less than nine minutes. In 2010, a construction site in Peckham, South London burned with such ferocity that it swept to nearby housing forcing tenants to be evacuated as the fire spread through their housing estate.


We can assist you in developing a fire strategy and fire risk assessments from design stage to Project Completion.

Who is 'Competent' to Undertake a Fire Risk Assessment?

Recent prosecutions have shown that people will rightly be held to account if risk assessments are found to be insufficient. Click the link below on order to find out more about competency.


The law says that if you’re an owner, landlord or occupier of business or other non-domestic premises, you’ll be responsible for fire safety. This includes planning for an emergency. We can assist you in undertaking your peridical fire drill and test your strategy and team members during this process.


FSC1 offer a comprehensive range of fire stopping services to ensure building compartments, walls, floors, service risers and roof voids retain their fire protection. By sealing the penetrations through walls, roofs, floors, service risers and voids, we can ensure that our client’s buildings retain their fire resistance.


We can supply fire extinguishers which are manufactured to the very highest of standards and offer ongoing servicing to ensure your equipment is always fit for use in an emergency.

Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: final report

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